Photographer Spotlight:

Clynt Dudleson


Learn how Clynt Dudleson is helping Evolve create top-performing vacation rental listings with world-class photography.

Let’s Talk About Clynt

After completing his training in architectural photography in 2014, Clynt Dudelson became a full-time freelance photographer. He spent his time doing various contract work around North Carolina and snapped pictures of his favorite subject - cityscapes - whenever he could.


It wasn’t until late summer of 2016 that Clynt came across Evolve in a Craigslist advertisement. “I really liked what Evolve offered - the freedom to travel, the opportunity to take pictures of cool places, and the chance to meet new people.”


Clynt sent his portfolio to Evolve, successfully completed our enrollment process, and was hired for his first project soon after.

The relationship (with Evolve) is mutually beneficial: I provide property photos and feedback, and they give me great contacts and great opportunities.”

Clynt Dudleson, Evolve Photographer

Clynt & The Photography Process

Evolve coordinated the entire shoot for Clynt, and even edited the photos afterwards. With their help, all Clynt needed to do was call the homeowner to confirm, and show up - ready to do his best work.


“The process Evolve uses is extremely efficient. It’s great not having to spend the time editing afterward because it allows me so much time to set up my next shoot and execute them properly - it’s a huge time saver.”

clynt's Stats

Time with

2 years

Evolve Homes Photographed


Avg. HDR Photos
Per Shoot


Clynt & Evolve

The partnership between Clynt and Evolve was successful, and since he joined the network, Clynt has photographed 245 properties in one of our busiest markets- even setting an Evolve record for most properties shot in one month: completing 35 in June 2018.


As a photographer for Evolve, Clynt not only captures the properties, he acts as Evolve’s eyes and ears: “Evolve trusts me to give them additional details about the homes I shoot” Clynt said, “I give my feedback about the overall feel of the home because it’s the type of thing that cannot be captured by photos - which I am happy to do.”


Evolve uses the helpful information that Clynt provides us to not only craft professional listings, but to also guarantee that the property meets our 4 Core Property Standards of Safe, Clean, Guest Ready, and As Advertised.


For Clynt, his positive experience goes beyond the numerous Evolve property shoots. “Working with Evolve has been one continuous adventure that doesn’t get old," Clynt said. "The team is absolutely wonderful and so encouraging."


We’re so grateful that Clynt applied to Evolve back in 2016, and we are so excited to see where our partnership continues to take us!



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