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Challenge: Help first-time owners feel peace of mind and earn income as they rent out their family home.

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When Don Adams and his wife had to leave their Ruidoso, NM home and move to Texas, they wouldn’t consider selling. The five-bedroom home had been in their family for decades, and they hoped to come back and visit.

The challenge was that owning two homes is incredibly expensive. Don had heard of other homeowners using their homes as vacation rentals, so he decided to look into it.

After researching local property managers in the area, Don was shocked by their excessive fees. “Most of them charged 30%. At that rate I wouldn’t make any money at all.”

Luckily, a neighbor told the Adamses about a different type of vacation rental management service, one that only charged 10% and required no contracts.

Evolve helps us make money, and helps guests have a great time at our property.”

Evolve has made renting out our home no work at all. They do a complete turn-key job and make renting the house very easy.”

Don Adams, Evolve Owner


“I made the decision that when I partnered with Evolve, I would follow their advice,” Don said. “And I’m very pleased that I did.”

Evolve set the Adams family up with everything they need to be successful: professional photography, an expertly written listing, and visibility across all of the major vacation rental booking sites.

Evolve also gave Don and his wife peace of mind with a policy that covers up to $1,000,000 in liability and $3,500 in damages. As first-time vacation rental owners, they felt confident that should anything happen to their home, they were fully covered.

The team at Evolve worked with Don every step of the way to guarantee that any questions, concerns, or comments he had were covered. “Evolve is so easy to reach, and whenever I have a problem, we always work as a team to get everything sorted out.”


Time with Evolve

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Before going live with Evolve in March of 2017, Don did research and decided he wanted his rental to be occupied 30% of the year.

With Evolve’s help, he has way exceeded that.

“I am well over 50% occupancy, and this past year I was booked about every weekend. I’m very very pleased.” Don said.

In fact, his property has done so well that he’s been able to cover all of the bills and upkeep, and still has extra income. In just over a year and a half, the Adams family have made $112,603 from their property.

“The only thing I complain about when it comes to Evolve is wondering why I didn’t partner with you sooner!” Don said on his rental success.


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